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Valve Center Special Offers

We want to reward the customers who continue to place their orders with Valve Center so we present our loyalty scheme. Choose from a range of gifts and the more you spend, the better the gift. Also, you can save your spend over any amount of time and choose something better.

Any spend after you have placed your first order with us will be recorded on our system (by individual name not company name, to allow whoever places the order to claim). Statements will show how much you've spent, how much you've claimed and your balance. A list of gifts is detailed below, which will be periodically updated.

To claim, or for more information, simply contact a member of our team and we'll be more than happy to help.

Terms and conditions apply to this offer and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer we may run. Spend will be recorded by each individual. Gifts will be despatched upon full payment of the relevant orders.


Gift Description Redemption Value          Gift Description Redemption Value
New Ford Fiesta £300,000.00   iPod Nano £3,500.00
2 Weeks All Inclusive in the Dominican Republic £175,000.00   Aston Martin DB9 experience £3,500.00
Genuine Rolex Submariner Watch £130,000.00   Ferrari Thrill Silverstone £3,500.00
Holiday up to the value of £2000 £45,000.00   Sony PSP 3000 £3,000.00
Vouchers of your choice £1000.00 £25,000.00   Sony midi Hifi £3,000.00
Weekend Break (Paris) £22,000.00   X Box 360 £3,000.00
Apple iPad 64GB with Wifi and 3G £16,000.00   Blu Ray Player £2,500.00
Apple iPad 64GB with Wifi but no 3G £14,000.00   Home Cinema System £2,500.00
Latest Mobile phone £14,000.00   Garmin Sat Nav £2,500.00
42" Samsung Plasma TV £11,000.00   Vouchers of your choice £100.00 £2,500.00
UK Weekend Break upto £500 £11,000.00   Underwater digital camera snorkle mask £2,500.00
Vouchers of your choice £500.00 £11,000.00   Pampering Break for 2 £2,000.00
1 Years DW Fitness Gym Membership £10,000.00   Karcher Pressure Washer £2,000.00
Apple iPad 16GB with Wifi £10,000.00   9MP Kodak Digital Camera £2,000.00
Acer Desktop PC with 19" flatscreen £9,000.00   Helicopter Thrill £1,750.00
Compaq Presario Laptop £7,500.00   Wii fit and balance board £1,500.00
Sony Playstation 3 £6,000.00   7" Digital Photo Frame £1,200.00
Tandem Sky Dive £6,000.00   Vouchers of your choice £50.00 £1,200.00
DVD and HDD Recorder £4,500.00   Surround sound system £1,200.00
Sony Mini DVD Camcorder £4,500.00   iDock station £1,100.00
Vouchers of your choice £200.00 £4,500.00   iPod Shuffle £1,000.00
Champagne Hot Air Balloon ride £4,500.00   Digital DAB radio £900.00
Tank Driving experience £4,000.00   Parker Pen Set £700.00
Apple iPod Touch £4,000.00   USB Roll up drum kit £650.00
Nintendo Wii £3,500.00   Bottle (wine/spirits) £500.00
Paint balling for 8 people £3,500.00   Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game £450.00
Nintendo Dsi £3,500.00   Hexbug Intelligent Robot £300.00
Rally Driving Experience £3,500.00   Giant Stress Ball £250.00
Bicycle (Kids/Adults) £3,500.00   Alarm Clock Radio £250.00